Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GPA Blu Avio - 46mm XL Power Knob x Sustain 5000fe - 2011

The perfect upgrade to my needy and over-worked Shimano Sustain.  What can I say, this worked out perfectly.

I took some photos with the Studio Ocean Mark EVA handle knob as well just for reference.  GPA is about 1.0mm wider in diameter. 
If any of you are out there thinking about this knob it surely does its duty as I comes with the Daiwa conversion pieces.  Now you can swap between your fav reels.

Introducing - Blu Avio 2011 on Sustain 5000fe


  1. Does this knob fit the reel standard or do you have to drill out the handle a bit bigger?

  2. it fits flush up to the 20k size.