Friday, August 26, 2011

Greenlane Reservior Late Summer Topwater Bass 2011 - 8.20.11

Had the opportunity to get down to Greenlane for the first of the year.
I really was expecting a overly hot and un-fishable day and did not expect to have much chance.  This attitude probably made me skip out fishing it the entire summer.  Well, I was wrong as we were greeted by some beautiful fog on the water even at 8AM.

The operation at the park has been "privatized" this year and terms and pricing are a bit different.  They open at 8AM (no more 6am or sunrise swinging gates).  However, they said they plan to stay open 1 week after the labor day holiday this year which is 1 week longer then previous years.

With me were two buddies: Jie & Liwen.  They are both now out-of-towners but managed to make their way down to fish this particular Saturday.  Thanks for coming out.  It's fun to be together since we have all fished together before.  As you know Greenlane is all a bout accuracy casting and all three of us have the experience now.

I took honors to guide the boat as we made way to our spots.  This trip was "topwater only".  So lures included spooks, prop baits, magnum bud's, lelure creepers, & dead or alive swimbaits.  All was good and although we didnt slam em we had fun.  I did lose a nice 20 inch plus bass due to being rusty.  I ended up watching her fight instead of fight all the way boat-side. 

Another cool thing was that I had some inspiration to blog that day.  I want to thank the guys and gals reading this humble blog because on more then a few accounts I've been able to meet strangers that had recognized me or decided to come up to me to say hello or ask "don't you write that blog?"  Well as we pulled up that day and unloaded the gear two fellow anglers came up and did just that.  It's an awesome experience to share fishing ideas and talk about the blog, videos, and fun on the water.  I thanked them for being so genuine and we were on to the water! 

As it happens to be one guy gets a skunk.  Poor Li, as he had to demonstrate non-catching skills today.  Should have gave him the motor work.  :D 

Got my boys using "vintage" gear.  Nice 2007 re-issue Abu Ambassadeur 2500C models.  Also vintage True Temper rod as well.  1UP !!


  1. Thank you brotha. I sincerely enjoy the feedback and will continue to blog these adventures. It's a dream to someday meet and fish with my readers. I hope to fish with SCA soon. Check out my facebook page, I finally put one up.


  2. Hey bro, it's Greg (one of the guys that spoke to you that morning). Awesome pics! What areas on Green Lane were productive for you? Me and my buddy hit the larger cover that is right after the boat rental place, I got about 5 for the day, maybe 1 as large as your largest posted. I don't often have success on top waters at Green Lane, generally plastic worms, jigs & the occasional jerkbait. I'll be back on the water this Saturday. Awesome meeting you too.

  3. Where's bass? I only see anc....s... haha

    Nice report and pics.