Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparation is Key - Fluke Jigging On The Frances Fleet Summer 2011

In preparation for the trip I decided to limit the amount of gear used and brought along this time around.  Less is more and more is better right?

Species: Fluke & Black Seabass

Jigs: For Fluke I used 5oz & 3oz. Bucktails, 5oz. Jig-a-Fluke, Shimano Bottom Ship 200g, and a variety of egg sinker hi/low rigs.  Using 4" Charteuse Saltwater Mullet.

Line System: FIN-S #50 Spectra braid, #30 Suffix Performance braid.  #60 Ande Mono Leader.
  • Spinning:  Daiwa Saltiga 6'6" Medium Jigging Rod
  • Conventional: G.Loomis GL2 Hot-Shot 7'9" Mag-Heavy.

  • Spinning: Shimano Sustain 5000FE
  • Conventional: Shimano Trinidad 10a
 Fighting belt: Palms Ocean Mighty - Heavy version

Anglers Republic - PALMS Ocean Mighty Belt (Heavy)

 CM Tackle drift back or "drop back" style rig.  6oz egg/olive sinker.  this was an ace setup as most the fish came over on this one.  They hit the teaser (top) hook more then the bottom.
 CM Tackle 5' Spotted Glow Squid with matching Jig-a-Fluke & trailer hook via assist cord.
 Shimano Bottom Ship (Inchiku) JDM Jig- 200 grams
CM Tackle Bucktails: 3oz. top, 5oz. bottom w/ stinger (Japanese 5" glow squid on bottom)

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