Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sniper Sword Delight!

Sitting in my living room are two tuna sniper rods. TJ was in Indonesia so Rou sent me a new one. Included in the package was a Size L OTI white longsleve shirt!
I guess they really wanted me to send the rod back asap. haha

Anyhow, before monday I'll have time with two tuna snipers and one stella 20k fa.
TY Hampton from 360tuna asked me to meet up and bend some rods so I might just bring the sniper over to his place and show him what these things are about.
This rod may end up being named the Tuna Sword.

So currently I have two Tuna Swords in my arsenal.

Next up? ...Seven Seas fighting belt!

Forgot about last years pain in my lower back membrane! What a way to fight a tuna for and hour and have it get away!

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  1. So did you ever meet up with "TJ Hampton from 360tuna"?