Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuna Sniper Defect

Hi all.

I was so happy with my purchase of the OTI Tuna Sniper that I took a diligent look at the rod last night. To my surprise and dismay I found one of the guides had some coating missing. These guides are top notch FUJI ICMSNG and the guide 1st from the tip (size 12) had missing coating. About half of the guide was missing it and it was the "touch" side, or half moon side of it where there is contact with the line.

This obviously needs to be returned. Last night I PM'ed TJ from 360tuna and mentioned the problem and asked for the right actions to take. To this point today I did not get a PM response. I got to remember they are 2 hours behind me, so I'll be patient untill the end of today.

man oh man!

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