Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Studio Ocean Mark 16000sw No Limits Handle & Knob DT (gold)

I decided to rename this reel my: OZ-Fighter - Power Gear (PG) 8000

Finally I got this handle as a gift and it is superbly made.  I can tell from the craftsmanship, it was totally worth the yen it commands.
I decided to order from Saltywater Tackle in Brooklyn, New York.  They had the item in stock and I wanted to support the friendly guys there.  Paul and Sami have always been stand up guys and I know they are experienced fisherman and know their gear.

This was a perfect match for my DT colour spool.  The scheme works out beautifully.  Actually I am missing the cap and I already know where that will be coming from. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Shimano Stella 8000 SW PG Studio Ocean Mark No Limits 16000 Spool & Handle DT color which is gold.

I also got the chance to pick up a 230gram FCL Labo jig in pink.  This jig was famed for many years now as the creator is a angler from Japan that has a great storyline.  He will come from Japan in a few weeks and I will hopefully get a chance to fish at his side.  FCL Labo jigs are famous in USA.
The Varivas grey PE knot cord is 200lb rating at around 10 feet.  Just enough for "on-trip" emergencies.  I have a few 13/0 sized Jigging Master hooks made already.  I didn't give up on them already.  Hot's split ring and FCL labo jigs come from Kilsong's Jigging World and the SOM handle and Varivas PR knot comes via Saltywater Tackle.  Cheers.

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