Saturday, August 7, 2010

MC Works TT Belt in Black - S&B Curry - and Evisya Tailor !! - August 2010 Pick up

Straight from the horses mouth.
(haha I like that quote from one popular Philadelphia radio station)

Introducing MC Works Tuna & Trevally Belt in Black, S&B Curry, and Evisya Tailor !

What's going on in this bag? It arrives!

Without a doubt, TT Belt is light and easy on the eyes

My favourite snack is Coco Curry


Introducing excellence in lunchtime with
Instructions to cooking


Classy & Collectors - EVISU DOWLUCK spook

Form & balance in the TT Belt - The foam is soft & supportive

As it appears while in containing bag.  Beautiful form and packaging detail

Some warnings of: Use for belt only, proper positions, attention to deepening fighting hole

VERY Nice Jigs - All from Japan, perfect

Zoom in on Tuna jigs.  Welcome to USA

ANATAHAN BOLEH TAHAN!  Also Hots Keiten Jig by Kei Hiramatsu san & unknown jig

Finally the special color Tiemco Tuna Jig

Best of all, the jigs will be put to use!  Enjoy!

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  1. I love this site. Fishing in a whole different world. I will be visiting again. Nice job!

    The Average Joe Fisherman