Monday, June 25, 2012

White Shimano Stradic FJ 5000 - Very Improved Classic, Summer Gear 2012

When I first heard from the 2010 iCAST show that the 2011 Stradic was going to be changed back to its former white color scheme I was delighted.  Although I feel my tackle game had moved on beyond the Stradic level it drew me in to see what other improvements it has been made along with just the color.

At 10.3 ounces, the new white Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel is a reel that lives up to its lineage of great but not out-of-this-world performance.  I felt comfortable to know that Shimano had heard the cry of saltwater users regarding the line roller bearing seizing up after continuous use in wet conditions.  There is now a hole
aligned behind the roller arm that allows us to drip bearing lube or solvent (Reel Magic) when the service is needed.

I know that there is a some talk about the reel being upgraded with aftermarket ceramic bearings to bring the total number of bearings to 10+1.  Although I did not decided to upgrade yet I will after some good usage. 

Here are some photos, enjoy!

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